I Retired Today

Finally my long awaited Retirement Day has arrived! 9 years and 4 months earlier than expected, but hey, I’m not complaining, in fact I’m over the moon about it.

I know for some this would probably be the worst thing that could happen to them, however, as I have always viewed retirement as the pinnacle of my career path, I’m more than pleased it’s arrived a fair bit earlier than expected.

It’s not that I’m lazy or work shy, I often did a lot more physical work on the weekends than I ever did during the ‘working week’, it’s just that there are so many other things I’d rather be doing than sitting at a desk all week, such as going off on adventures with my wife Barb, and our dog Borys, in our camper van.

That said, Barb, who retired a few years earlier, says I may be surprised how much I will miss being at work when the reality of being retired kicks in. I’ve also read a few articles by people who have struggled to come to terms with being retired and have become quite depressed. On the plus side, many articles suggest that having an active lifestyle with many interests is the way to have a positive retirement, and I certainly have a wide range of interests to keep me busy.

There is absolutely no doubt I will miss the team of people I worked with, but I’m hoping my ‘former colleagues’ will remain very close friends. They organised a fantastic send off for me, with a ‘Great Escape’ style tunnel committee meeting, superb cakes and snacks, a ‘Golden Ticket’ geocache to find in the university grounds and rounded  the day off with a few drinks together after work. So a very big cheers to the Systems Development Team of Liverpool Hope University and everyone else who came to wave me off during the day.

I’m planning on keeping this blog regularly updated with all the stuff Barb and I get up to, accompanied by Borys, Sully, Xena and Froggy,  as we begin this exciting new chapter in our lives. You’re all welcome to ‘virtually’ join us if you’re curious to see how it all pans out.

Well, time to start the adventure and see where it leads us all 🙂

The Great Escape

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