Gromit finally takes the plunge!

Barb and I took the van out for its second outing this weekend to a camp-site called Lady Hayes. Many people who live within driving distance of Frodsham will probably know the Lady Hayes Centre. It looks a bit like a small old WWII  army base, only now all the buildings house a variety of arts, crafts and antique shops. Bob Carolgees, famous for his puppet ‘Spit the Dog’ runs a specialist candle shop on the site.

I think the camp-site is a relatively new addition, although its been a few years since we last visited the centre so I’m not sure how new. Whilst the camp site was very well organised and very clean, after the sun goes down there isn’t a great deal to do other than visit the combined shop-cafe-club house.

I like to take Gromit for a reasonable walk before we settle down for the night, however, as the main road passing the site had no footpath or lighting, and was still quite busy with traffic, I found myself confined to circumnavigating the camp site grounds a couple of times which didn’t take long and was pretty boring!

Another downside to the weekend was the discovery of a leak on the connection to the sink tap, which is unfortunately situated behind the cooker and pretty inaccessible without actually removing the cooker. I’m going to have to give the guy we bought the van from a ring to see if he’s prepared to fix it for us, however, as it was private sale we can only hope he meant it when he said give me a call if anything goes wrong.. fingers crossed!

Highlight of the weekend though was when we visited Delamere Forest on our way home and let Gromit off the lead for a bit of a run around a small lake we found near one of the forest car parks. Gromit has been know to run through puddles on odd occasions but has generally shown a reluctance to go out in the rain or get seriously wet so it came as quite a surprise to us, and him I expect, when he finally decided to take a plunge!

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