Borys Joins the Family

After the loss of Gromit we quickly realised how much we had become ‘dog’ people. Gromit had been such a demanding dog that our whole lives had slowly shifted to being virtually all about caring for his needs. With a great deal of indoor entertainment between lengthy daily walks and two training sessions a week, looking after him was a full time job and losing him had left a huge void in our lives which needed to be filled.

Having Gromit had introduced new activities and social gatherings into our lives, activities that we had both come to enjoy very much, so we knew that we would get another dog eventually. However, we hadn’t planned on getting another dog so soon after Gromit’s accident until we discovered that two of Gromit’s litter brothers were still being kept in a pen on a farm still waiting to re-homed at almost 21 months of age.

After Barb had a chat with Gill, the dogs owner, we decided to go up to the farm to meet Borys. Gill had assured Barb that Borys was the more passive of the two remaining dogs and had shown definite signs of being cat tolerant, important as we have three cats. We also decided to go up in our camper van so we could stay overnight and get to know Borys a little better before deciding what to do.

Needless to say we fell for him immediately and he ended up staying with us in our van overnight. I’d taken a handful of chicken treats with me and, although he was very nervous and submissive, I think this won his trust fairly quickly.

We knew we would have a lot of work to do with Borys, as he hadn’t had any real training nor spent any time living indoors, however, we decided that the least we could do in Gromit’s memory was to turn his misfortune into his brother Borys’ good fortune.

Turns out that was a great decision as he is turning out to be a lovely dog, although the cats don’t think so yet!

Bory's relaxing in the Van
Borys relaxing in the van

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