6 Months in…

Wow, that passed quickly!

hip, hip, hoorayFirst thing I have to say is, so far, retirement has been everything I had hoped it would be, although it has also felt a little surreal at times too. As far as my former job is concerned, whilst I have missed the social interaction with work colleagues, I have not missed any other part of it at all.

The mornings spent rushing to get out of the house only to sit in traffic are now spent walking with Borys to Bidston Hill and back, a return trip of just over 4 miles. The days spent staring out of the office window at the sunshine, knowing full well it would be dull by the weekend, are now spent with Barb, enjoying being able to do whatever we put our minds to.

The transition has been a little strange. The first thing we did was create a list of all the jobs that needed doing but hadn’t been done owing to time constraints. I initially planned to get up at the same time as I did when employed and get stuck into the ‘to do’ list, however, without the pressure to have things done by any particular time.. well things didn’t get done. Before long I also stopped getting up quite so early, and then even less early!

I did enjoy this more relaxed approach to life, especially during the wet and cold winter mornings, but, I really did need to find a balance between maintaining a healthy sense of well-being and still managing to be productive.

Immediately after the festive break Barb and I attended a Caravan and Motor home exhibition and this got both of us enthused again. Our camper van had been converted with a partial panel separating the driving cab from the living area. Barb had suggested we open this up a few times, but I had resisted owing to ‘time constraints’. Now we had no constraints, we had the enthusiasm, the mornings and evenings were lighter, so we got stuck in straight away to the big camper refit. Our desire to get it done, and get back on the road as quickly as possible,  providing the necessary driving force to push the project along.

Follow the refit updates in Camper-van news

Looking forward to completion and more adventures on the road soon.

Hooray for retirement 🙂

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