Camper Van

Our Old Campervan
Our Old Camper Van

Just before the Christmas break (2011) we unfortunately had to sell our much-loved Renault Traffic Camper van. After several years of use the van needed some much-needed TLC that we couldn’t provide at the time and we really needed a bit of an upgrade in space and facilities.

Fortunately a bloke called Steve was prepared to take the van on and after the exchange of a small handful of cash our old van headed off to North Wales for a new lease of life.

One short winter later, as the sun begins to show its face more frequently, we are missing having a van waiting ready to take us on our next adventure. So the Camper van Project begins today!  ‘play fanfare’

Big problem at the moment though is..  we can’t decide which make of van we want to use as the base vehicle. Front runners at the moment are either a Long Wheel Base (LWB) Hi Top Mercedes Sprinter or a Ford Transit of similar proportions. So, in order to make an informed decision the best course of action is to do as much research gathering as possible.

First bit of research: What exactly qualifies (legally) as a Camper van, or, as the DVLA refers to it, a Motor Caravan. Here are two links which should answer that question.

More to follow shortly

Fast track to new van

Eleven months had passed and we we’re no closer to beginning the camper van project, other than thinking about it. We also knew it would probably take another twelve months to get on the road even if we could start converting a van tomorrow. We couldn’t wait that long to get out and about again so we decided to take the fast track route and by a ready to go van.

We visited a local trader, who we’d bought a van from before, just to see what we could get within our budget. We didn’t fancy any of his vans but he happened to be selling a van for a couple of the lads who worked in the caravan repair shop next to his site.

The van was a 2007 VW LT 35 mwb which they had just converted into a camper van. It didn’t have quite the specs. we were originally looking for, but we fell in love with it straight away. It took us a couple of weeks to sort out the finance and on Friday 19th October we took ownership and drove it home.

We had other commitments that weekend so only managed to take it out for a short run, but this weekend we are heading of to Derbyshire for our first overnight stop. Can’t wait.  Click here for update on the Derbyshire trip


All new camper van articles will be available in the CamperVan  category.

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