Time to fire up the blog again!

It’s been quite some time since I last updated this blog, and even though a lot of water has passed under the proverbial bridge in that time, I just didn’t have the desire to add any of it to this site.

However, my life is just about to undergo a major change, I’m on the point of taking early retirement and Barb and I are hoping to embark on a lot of new adventures, accompanied by our lovely dog Borys.

So now seems a very fitting time to fire up this blog again and record where our new life takes us.


2 Replies to “Time to fire up the blog again!”

    • Chris Langton Post author

      ..and beyond hopefully… Just beginning to realise that firing up the blog again is one thing, however, I think the writing skills also need a good application of 3 in 1 creativity oil. Hope to have my first post retirement article published very soon though 🙂


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